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Indian reality: Children all skin and bones, a boy even tied to a bed with
a string.

Sick children who need intensive care
have little chances to survive. In
crowded orphanages they can't get
proper care. For such children we set
up a special children home in Delhi.
Do you want to help these children?

Sternendiebe (German)

In "Sternendiebe" Nicole Mtawa dives into the lives of Tanzanian street kids and experiences the way despair and joie de vivre go hand in hand under Africa’s clear, starry sky. In Tanzania, this land between the mass of Kilimanjaro and the white sandy beaches of the Indian Ocean, the young German finally finds a home. She can be of help there, and she can fall in love there. The street urchin Juma, whose beaming smile masks an abandoned soul, becomes her confidant, her friend and finally the great love of her life.

"For seeing children
smiling we first have
to see their misery"

Nicole Mtawa

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Sonnenkinder (German)

In "Sonnenkinder" Nicole writes about how she set up the children home in New Delhi, India, specially for children in critical conditions
. Soon the first suffering children get their smiles back on their face and their dreams come true.


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